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Palousa San Sebastian (Stallions at stud / UK & European stallions)

Palousa San Sebastian
British Warmblood graded stallion, PALOUSA SAN SEBASTIAN is a black leopard (EE and LP/lp), 3/4 Worl[...]
from Elsa Strandberg
174 Hit(s)

Cayuse Bling Du Rouet (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Cayuse Bling Du Rouet
Phenomenal jumping stallion by Balou du Rouet (Germany). After taking the Australian showjumping[...]
from Nicki Dalton
3390 Hit(s)

Sartor's Supermodel (imp Denmark) (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Sartor's Supermodel (imp Denmark)
Sartor's Supermodel is an outstanding, graded Knabstrupper stallion. Supermodel comes direct from th[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
189 Hit(s)

JBS Sham Again (Stallions at stud / USA stallions)

JBS Sham Again
JBS Sham Again is a 1998 heavily roaned red snowcap (LPLP) stallion by a 1969 loud black spotted bla[...]
from Sunshine Appaloosas
426 Hit(s)

Absolutely Zip-To-It (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Absolutely Zip-To-It
Absolutely Zip-To-It (Hero) is a black triple registered Appaloosa with an extended spotted blanket [...]
from Jan Rae
728 Hit(s)

Wapuzzan (Stallions at stud / USA stallions)

Wapuzzan is true black with a snowcap blanket, standing 15.3 hh. 100% color (or characteristic) f[...]
from Joy Carr
1938 Hit(s)

Cayuse Mighty Windstorm (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Mighty Windstorm
Super sire of rare colours! Cayuse Mighty Windstorm is a grand champion at halter and sire of cha[...]
from Valmai Jones
1976 Hit(s)

Cayuse Quoll (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Quoll
A unique individual sired by one of the best performing cutting horses in Australia. He combines[...]
from John Noble
798 Hit(s)

Oregon Park Aristokat (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Oregon Park Aristokat
This vividly coloured stallion is one big ball of muscle. Unshown himself, he has produced nati[...]
from karen fischer
1835 Hit(s)

Mighty Windsong (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Mighty Windsong
Mighty Windsong is a black roan, snowcap blanketed Appaloosa stallion. Athletic and active with very[...]
from Jean Gant
1821 Hit(s)

Cayuse Skip ‘O The Moon (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Skip ‘O The Moon
This very athletic fewspot leopard stallion impresses with his sweeping trot, stops and rollbacks an[...]
from michele Harvey
3124 Hit(s)

Heavenly Saint (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Heavenly Saint
Heavenly Saint has lovely conformation and a kind temperament. His progeny are trainable, versati[...]
from Jeanette Cumming
2031 Hit(s)

Double A Mountain Mist (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Double A Mountain Mist
Brilliantly white fewspot leopard stallion by Joker's Fire 'N' Ice out of P&R Reflection Snowdoll.
from David Adkins
859 Hit(s)

Double A Ariki Pii Hui (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Double A Ariki Pii Hui
‘Impressive’ is a good word for this stallion. His balance, reach, power and good looks turn he[...]
from David Adkins
1856 Hit(s)

Enriched (imp Aust in utero) (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Enriched (imp Aust in utero)
Enriched represents an incredible breeding opportunity for all Appaloosa enthusiasts. He is the [...]
from Sheena Martin
1798 Hit(s)

Cayuse Blizzard-O-Lena (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Blizzard-O-Lena
This breathtaking palomino fewspot stallion is a phenomenal athlete. His lightening quick reactions,[...]
from Jason & Natalie Wilkinson
2115 Hit(s)

Cayuse A Grand Illusion (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse A Grand Illusion
This boy has a list of awards as long as your arm. Multi-State Champion Dressage, Hack, Hunter-i[...]
from Anita Prowse
2100 Hit(s)

Cayuse Iron Duke (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Iron Duke
This exciting young stallion is a superb sport horse type carrying an outstanding combination of lea[...]
from Karen Bates
2158 Hit(s)

Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Mighty Luminous (imp Aust)
This exquisite stallion has superb conformation, smooth and elegant movement, a versatile frame, an [...]
from Petra Davidson
1881 Hit(s)

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) (Stallions at stud / New Zealand stallions)

Skip's Supreme (imp USA)
A powerhouse with a very special temperament, Skip is an outstanding example of the modern, elite Ap[...]
from Petra Davidson
1744 Hit(s)

Avenlee Dualling Thunder (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Avenlee Dualling Thunder
Something very special here: this dun leopard is reminding the reining world that you can have spots[...]
from Heather Lee
2008 Hit(s)

Lori’s Flashpoint Af Lyn (imp Germany) (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Lori’s Flashpoint Af Lyn (imp Germany)
This dazzling and rare Danish Knabstrupper stallion has the bone and movement of a warmblood, the am[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
3381 Hit(s)

Cayuse Chatta Lena (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Cayuse Chatta Lena
One of the best bred Sportaloosa working horses ever. Chat combines the legend of Appaloosa cut[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
2033 Hit(s)

Ochoco Ox (imp USA) (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

Ochoco Ox (imp USA)
from Takas Volkodav
1996 Hit(s)

AP Double Plaudit (Stallions at stud / Australian stallions)

AP Double Plaudit
14.1 hh Tri Coloured Leopard. Both his parents were over 15 hands and his foals usually mature 1[...]
from Peter Wallace
1753 Hit(s)
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