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Eventing gelding, endurance, jumping (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Eventing gelding, endurance, jumping
3/4 Akhal Teke x 1/4 Appaloosa. 8 year old gelding. Currently eventing at Novice. Schooling Traini[...]
from Stephanie Auck
22 Hit(s)

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) (Sportaloosas for sale / New Zealand Sportaloosas)

Skip's Supreme (imp USA)
This beautiful stallion is an outstanding example of the modern, elite Sportaloosa and presents a on[...]
from Petra Davidson
281 Hit(s)

Wakons Echo Wind (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Wakons Echo Wind
2001 "Wakons Echo Wind" Appaloosa Brood Mare in Foal to "Wapuzzan a Appaloosa Sport Horse Stallion [...]
from Joy Carr
68 Hit(s)

SCOTIA ACE OF HEARTS (Sportaloosas for sale / UK/Europe Sportaloosas)

Stunning 2014 Filly By RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain out of Gambling Girl. This leggy Filly will make 17hh[...]
from Sportaloosa International
81 Hit(s)

She’s the One RA (Sportaloosas for sale / UK/Europe Sportaloosas)

She’s the One RA
Palousa San Sebastian x Cadance x Johnson Bay Leopard Filly 2015 BWBS Registered To make 16.3+[...]
from Gemma A Robinson
87 Hit(s)

GAB's Take A Few Skips (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

GAB's Take A Few Skips
Stunning Appaloosa gelding with full body blanket. Sire: Skip's Supreme (USA) Dam: Cayuse Three[...]
from Allison Alderton
1234 Hit(s)

Beautiful daughter of Oneida Magic Moment (Sportaloosas for sale / New Zealand Sportaloosas)

Beautiful daughter of Oneida Magic Moment
We must sell some of our top quality Appaloosas so we reluctantly offer Momentarily Zipped to a good[...]
from Petra Davidson
148 Hit(s)

Emma Mclean Photography (Sportaloosas for sale / Services)

Emma Mclean Photography
Specialist equine photographer available for stud photo shoots. **Studs within travelling distanc[...]
from Sportaloosa International
152 Hit(s)

Macs Mighty Flash (Sportaloosas for sale / Australian Sportaloosas)

Macs Mighty Flash
Black Leopard colt. EMH 16 HH. Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn, 2014 State SJ Champ (Knabstrupper i[...]
from Mell McDonald
232 Hit(s)

Transfixed (Sportaloosas for sale / New Zealand Sportaloosas)

What if, in your search to breed the ideal performance horse, you combined one of the best dressage [...]
from Petra Davidson
152 Hit(s)

Sparkling Acres' winter sale (Sportaloosas for sale / New Zealand Sportaloosas)

Sparkling Acres' winter sale
Once in a lifetime opportunity for top quality, ambitious and genuine breeders and riders. Imported [...]
from Petra Davidson
192 Hit(s)

Momentarily Skipped (Sportaloosas for sale / Breeding stock)

Momentarily Skipped
Top quality mare and show prospect for sale. Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Momentarily Zipped Thi[...]
from Petra Davidson
446 Hit(s)

Cayuse Alf's Majik (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

Cayuse Alf's Majik
Very stylish red leopard 2014 colt(born October). This three quarter warmblood colt will be id[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
560 Hit(s)

Cayuse King Of Swing (Sportaloosas for sale / Australian Sportaloosas)

Cayuse King Of Swing
Everything a smart horsebreeder wants!! Cayuse King Of Swing is a homozygous LP/LP black few[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
518 Hit(s)

Wap Razzmataz 2014 Colt Sired by Wapuzzan (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Wap Razzmataz 2014 Colt Sired by Wapuzzan
Wapz Razzmataz Sport Horse and Performance Horse Sired by Wapuzzan Grand Sire: The Legendary "Wap[...]
from Joy Carr
467 Hit(s)

Wapz Tazzman 2014 Colt Sired By Wapuzzan (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Wapz Tazzman 2014 Colt Sired By Wapuzzan
Wapz Tazzman 2014 Sport Horse Colt Sired by Wapuzzan, Grand Sire: The Legendary "Wap Spotted" Gran[...]
from Joy Carr
426 Hit(s)

Wapz Jazzper 2014 Colt Sird by Wapuzzan (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Wapz Jazzper 2014 Colt Sird by Wapuzzan
Wapz Jazzper 2014 Colt, Appaloosas Sport Horse Prospect Sired by Wapuzzan, Grand Sire: The Legen[...]
from Joy Carr
444 Hit(s)

Athletic Young Gelding! (Sportaloosas for sale / Riding horses)

Athletic Young Gelding!
Cayuse Whizzible,registered Sportaloosa 2010 solid bay gelding(has characteristics),15hands.Bred b[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
680 Hit(s)

Fancy Young Knabstrupper Filly! (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

Fancy Young Knabstrupper Filly!
Cayuse Carbon Hoofprint,a 2 year old filly by the successful stallion Loris Flashpoint Af Ly[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
702 Hit(s)

Mighty Storm Song(USA) Mare!! (Sportaloosas for sale / Australian Sportaloosas)

Mighty Storm Song(USA) Mare!!
Cayuse Pep Talk..Yes an own daughter of the most popular sire Mighty Storm Song! Not many left [...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
491 Hit(s)

The Skiplomat (Sportaloosas for sale / New Zealand Sportaloosas)

The Skiplomat
Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Cayuse Mighty Tantalizing by Mighty Storm Song (USA) Just wow. This se[...]
from Petra Davidson
603 Hit(s)

Skipnotic (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

An absolutely gorgeous filly out of Momentarily Zipped by Skip's Supreme (USA). Super pretty, wit[...]
from Petra Davidson
638 Hit(s)

Fantastic Young Horse (Sportaloosas for sale / Riding horses)

Fantastic Young Horse
Three year old gelding. Palomino Leopard. Stud Book 1 Registration No 441. Sire: Yallawa Timeless Dr[...]
from Ann Raabe
556 Hit(s)

Thunderstorm (Sportaloosas for sale / Riding horses)

This beautiful gelding will make an awesome perfomance horse with his good looks,laid back attiude, [...]
from Valmai Jones
1275 Hit(s)

Typhoon (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

Very quiet (handled since birth) suit anyone looking for a good love evrybody young horse, would mak[...]
from Valmai Jones
1205 Hit(s)

Bazinga (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

"BAZINGA" Sire Days of Gold (AQHA) Dam El Dorado Li'l Miss Henry (AAA, SI & DA) Offering t[...]
from Leane Williams
927 Hit(s)

Wapz Jazzper (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Wapz Jazzper
aka "Jazz" colt born 5-7-14 offered for sale Sire: Wapuzzan Dam: Wakons Echo Wind should mature t[...]
from Joy Carr
955 Hit(s)

Black Leopard Gelding (Sportaloosas for sale / Riding horses)

Black Leopard Gelding
Difficult sale of my 9yo 15.1hh appy gelding. Great endurance horse, done 2X40k ready to go further.[...]
from Kirily Isherwood
1614 Hit(s)

Successful Competition Sporthorse (Sportaloosas for sale / American Sportaloosas)

Successful Competition Sporthorse
Custom Design is a superb, talented, athletic upper level competition stallion with an amazing work [...]
from Amy Hoppe
1170 Hit(s)

Wapz Rizing Star (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

Wapz Rizing Star
ApHC #674904 foaled 3-26-2013 stud colt Sire: WAPUZZAN a Appaloosa Sport Horse Stallion [...]
from Joy Carr
1451 Hit(s)

Savannah Firestorm (Sportaloosas for sale / Australian Sportaloosas)

Savannah Firestorm
Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a rare apricot dun filly. Working bred, this beautiful gal is [...]
from Valmai Jones
2053 Hit(s)

Cayuse La Solida (Sportaloosas for sale / Young horses)

Cayuse La Solida
A tremendous filly in all ways! Gorgeous deep liver chestnut and as you can see from her recent phot[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
1595 Hit(s)

Cayuse Mighty Scendix (Sportaloosas for sale / Australian Sportaloosas)

Cayuse Mighty Scendix
A jumping /dressage machine in the making!! Don't miss this one! Sire: Hunters Scendix Dam: Cay[...]
from Samantha McAuliffe
1664 Hit(s)
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