Membership & registration

> membership form - there's a one-off lifetime membership fee to join Sportaloosa International

> registration form - one of the few forms that needs to be printed, completed, signed and mailed to us

> change of ownership form

> stallion breeding report - for stallion owners to submit on an annual basis (free of charge)

> mare breeding report - for mare owners to submit when their mare has been bred to a stallion now registered with Sportaloosa International (free of charge)

> stallion classification form - inspection form for the breeding classification of outstanding individuals that are both worthy to breed and capable of improving the Sportaloosa

Points & awards

> track your Let's Ride hours

> submit your Let's Ride hours

> submit your competition results - print and take this form (and a copy of your Sportaloosa registration certificate) to competitions


> promote your stallion at stud

> submit a foal photo for the current year's foal showcase (please log in to use this link)

> submit your favourite Sportaloosa photo - to the Sportaloosa photo gallery (please log in to use this link)