Let's Ride hours in the saddle programme

There's no shortage of motivation to get out of the house and onto a Sportaloosa because Sportaloosa International's Let's Ride programme rewards hours riding a Sportaloosa, whether you're hacking, training, or competing.

Running totals

Rider Hours Sportaloosas ridden Hours
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Emily Addis 42.25 CA Sports Coupe, Just Somethin About Harry 57.75
Tracy Allender 3.75 Yallawa Bound For Stardom 96.25
Louise Anderson 16 Cayuse A Perfect Illusion 84
Jane Ashhurst 36.75 Chato 63.25
Tamar Baker 132 Skipa Clu Betty Boop, Danneker I See Spots 118
Michelle Beer 5 Diamond Heist 95
Jenine Bice 59 Cayuse Ruby's Song 41
Louise Dalby 210.25 Etched In Time 39.75
Karen Fischer 1467.25 Kerrinna Sie My Affair, Oregon Park Sophie Stekat, Kerrinna Sweet Shakira, Kerrinna My Shakin Affair, Kerrinna Haven A Katnap 532.75
Beatrice Foster 111 Jake 89
Kirily Isherwood 55 Fancypantz 45
Chelsea Johnson 265.25 Cayuse Up And Over, Cayuse Alveeno 234.75
Diane Johnston 1088.75 Yallawa Playful Times, Shoshoni Lomasi 911.25
Lee Mannix 300 MVA Ideal Dier, MVA Affairs of the Heart 200
Samantha McAuliffe 174 Cayuse A Grand Illusion, Cayuse Sign of a Storm, Cayuse Slow Lopin Joe, Cayuse Ruby's Song 76
Rebecca McDonald 63 Cayuse Global Warrior 37
Rebecca Morsink 37.5 Cayuse Perfectly Grand 62.5
Kerry Morgan 1 Cayuse Wild Storm 99
Tori Morgan 5.5 Destiny 94.5
Sarah Pettingill 3 Mr Slim Shady 97
Lisa Oswald 152.5 Zippers Dynasty, Jack Suede, McDreamy 97.5
Eileen Oswald 127.75 Jack Suede 122.25
Katie Petrusma 112 Oregon Park Justin Affair 238
Shane Plowman 10.5 Rocking Spurs First Lady 89.5
Bronwyn Preston 27.25 Joker's Deputy 72.75
Jane Riley 495 Sirspotalot and Double S Fine Print 5
Michelle Rogers 7 KB Extreme Confewsion 93
Susan Sargent 179 Magic Sun Dancer, Yallawa Fashion Princess 71
Jodi Strobl 40.5 Taljari Kasolena 59.5
Melanie Torr 219 Cayuse Isobel Anne, Delatite Shes Enchanting 31
Nikki Weatherhead 9.75 MK Jackson Sundowner 90.25
Leane Williams 211 Cayuse Mighty Outrageous, Little Miss Leuwin 39
Jakob Wilkinson 83 Shoshoni Montana 17
Jason Wilkinson 12.5 Cayuse Blizzard-O-Lena, Shoshoni Kitchi 87.5
Natalie Wilkinson 8 Shoshoni Montana, Cayuse Blizzard-O-Lena 92
Barbara Woods 238.75 Arny's Bad Moon Arisin 11.25
Abbey Wooster 178.75 Cayuse Global Warrior 71.25

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