Your guide to the Sportaloosa International registry and studbooks

Sportaloosa registry

Appaloosas, Knabstruppers and other appaloosa spotted sport horses all over the world are eligible for registration with Sportaloosa International and we operate studbooks for horses, ponies and miniature horses. Here's how it all works.


Spotted blood - the Sportaloosa's spotted blood can come from either the registered Appaloosa or the Knabstrupper, or a combination of both. In the case of ponies, you can add Palouse Pony to the list.

Eligible non-spotted blood - Sportaloosas can be crossed with registered Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Andalusian, Lusitano, Friesian, Stock Horse and Quarter Horses of appropriate sport horse type and temperament.

Ineligible non-spotted blood - crosses to horses of any breed not included in the definition of eligible non-spotted blood above are not eligible.

Ineligible colours - crosses to grey, classic roan, paint or pinto horses are not eligible regardless of breed.

Minimum height - 14.0hh at 5 years of age for the Sportaloosa horse studbooks. Sportaloosa ponies qualify for the Sportaloosa pony registry and there's also a section for miniature horses.

Sportaloosa studbooks

Studbook One
Sportaloosas eligible for Studbook One have 75% or more provable (documented) spotted blood in the first 4 generations of their pedigree.

That is, no more than 2 horses in the fourth generation (shown below) is of eligible non-spotted (Sportaloosa, Appaloosa or Knabstrupper) blood.

Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4
Sportaloosa Sire Grand sire Great-grandsire
Grand dam Great-grandsire
Dam Grand sire Great-grandsire
Grand dam Great-grandsire

Studbook One is open to mares, stallions and geldings. In this studbook, solid coloured (non-patterned) horses have equal status with patterned horses but must be DNA tested for parentage verification.

Studbook Two
Sportaloosas eligible for Studbook Two have anything less than 75% provable (documented) spotted blood in the first 4 generations of their pedigree. To be eligible for Studbook Two, a Sportaloosa must exhibit a visible coat pattern.

Solid Studbook
The Solid Studbook caters for solid coloured (non-patterned) Sportaloosas that would be eligible for Studbook Two, if they displayed a coat pattern and/or characteristics.

These horses must be bred to a Sportaloosa with a recognisable spotted pattern in order for progeny to be eligible for Studbooks One or Two.

Open Registry
The Sportaloosa Open Registry is for mares and geldings with recognisable spotted patterns but unprovable/undocumented bloodlines.

Stallions are only accepted in to this registry if they exhibit outstanding performance and type, for example attain Grade A showjumper or Grand Prix dressage level. Any horse entered in to the Open Registry must be bred to a Sportaloosa in Studbook One or Two in order that the foal can be registered in Sportaloosa Studbook Two.