Sportaloosa International for breeders

For breeders

We provide unparalleled promotional opportunities and rewards for smart, genuine spotted horse breeders.

From the annual foal gallery to our video foal futurity, we get your breeding programme seen.

Our breed's reputation depends on  good, knowledgeable breeders producing sound, sensible, well put together animals that can succeed in the competitive arena as well as provide a lifetime's enjoyment. 

That's why Sportaloosa International is here to educate and support quality Sportaloosa breeders.  Our job doesn't stop at advising on breeding matches, keeping the spotted coat pattern, educating on conformation, temperament and keeping the desirable spotted coat patterns though.

A breeder's reputation and the reputation of their chosen breed depend on two things.

  1. 1. their ability to consistently produce quality animals that will do the job they are offered for
  2. 2. the way they deal with their clients, potential clients, other breeders and members of the public

That's why we provide great rewards, the best and most expert advice we can access on conformation, temperament,  early training and the most up to date information on appaloosa coat patterns.  It's why we do our utmost to promote the spotted horse as a quality, user-friendly animal that can succeed in a variety of disciplines, to support our breeders.  It's also why we have high expectations of Sportaloosa breeders.  They're often the first point of contact for the general public and the people most likely to sell a young Sportaloosa.

Foal showcase

It starts with our invitation to submit your foal photos to our annual foal showcase.  It's one of the most keenly visited pages on our site and it's the most effective page on our site for delivering visits to breeders' web sites each spring and summer.  You get to list a photo (you can update it as often as you like), sire, dam, breeder and web site (promotions subscribers only).

Video foal futurity

Our annual foal futurity is exclusively for registered Sportaloosa foals.  With an enormous amount of promotion for the breeder and the Sportaloosa sire and dam, worldwide promotion of the video, a magnificent perpetual trophy and judged by a well respected performance judge and horseperson, it's an event every Sportaloosa foal should be entered in.

Stallion showcase & transported semen register

Registered Sportaloosa stallions whose owners take out a Sportaloosa promotions subscription each year are promoted on our stallion showcase and, if applicable, on our transported semen register.  This great-value subscription includes our online showcase as well as social media promotion... we get you sen. 

In keeping with our commitment to breeding with confidence, we list a photo, full pedigree, location and contact details, plus we encourage a video.  Every few years, time and finances permitting, we'll travel to film promoted Sportaloosa stallions, so we can personally inspect them and produce a lasting record of the way they look, move and react.


Our online studbook features interactive pedigrees to at least 5 generations (more where information exists) and includes photographs of all registered Sportaloosas. It's a powerful resource for tracing parentage, siblings and progeny.

Genetic information

Advances in genetic research mean that today's breeders can be better informed than ever.  Our commitment to embracing and promoting what is known encompasses a variety of topics:

  1. 1. consistently producing appaloosa coat patterns.  We actively work with The Appaloosa Project, the leading research effort into appaloosa coat patterns and associated characteristics.   Our articles on appaloosa genetics are reviewed by Appaloosa Project researchers and we work hard to bring Sportaloosa members and breeders the most up to date information, presented in a format that is easily understood.
  2. 2. recording the results of DNA tests performed on registered Sportaloosas.  These can be included in the studbook as well as on any stallion's showcase listing and in any advertisement we produce or run on his behalf.  We encourage breeders to test for known serious inherited defects and to publicise the results.


We always need great photos to promote Sportaloosas, whether we're exhibiting at an event or illustrating a press release or online article.  You can't buy this kind of additional promotion; we only use the very best photos and the horses we believe work best to promote the Sportaloosa to the public.