Stacking the odds of colour in your favour - Appaloosa Project videos

In 2011, it was our absolute privilege to work with Sheila Archer and Rebecca Bellone of the Appaloosa Project to produce an educational 3-part video seminar series.  These 'Stacking the odds of ...
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The Appaloosa Project breeder's guide to the Leopard Complex gene (LP)

The Appaloosa Project's breeder's guide to the Leopard Complex gene (LP) has everything you need to know in plain English and it's a must-read for anyone keen on spotted ...
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Night blindness in appaloosa spotted horses

Research published by The Appaloosa Project confirmed something that won’t come as a surprise to everyone - fewspot leopard and snowcap blanket Appaloosas do not see in the dark. Neither do ...
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Keeping the appaloosa colour

With its user-friendly nature, versatile conformation and unique look, a Sportaloosa is a horse to aspire to own. You'll love owning and riding a Sportaloosa and you'll never lose him in a ...
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